Friday, March 18, 2011

Altec and Genie

The only thing better than Helvetica is tightly kerned Helvetica. And that structural, simple A mark is a nice bit of geometry, too.

While I appreciate the name Genie for a company that makes mechanical lifts and cranes and stuff, I think cramming every arrow under the sun into the logotype might be ill-advised. In the same way that putting that typeface from the Edible Arrangements logo in your multi-million dollar science fiction “epic” might also be.


  1. That's a pretty neat looking "G" though

  2. Yeah, if Genie hadn't dotted that i, it could've worked.

  3. I rather disagree. Sure, the Genie logo is overdoing it a bit, but it has a charm to it... of course the scratched-up picture you used makes it look pretty bad... But I actually remember what the Genie logo looks like, positively. Altec is nice, but I really hate logos that I can't read immediately.Because the logo is the letter A, I read it as ah-altec. Sort of like my problem with Asics (Oasics? Basics?)

  4. I think the "e" in the second one is kind of adorable. IMO it suffers from having a little bit too many conflicting design elements.