Monday, October 26, 2009

Magnolia Flowers and Edible Arrangements

Not only are these graphics beautiful, they really make great use of the side of that van. It’s a very effective mobile billboard.

Having once received one of these edible arrangements, I can say they’re not as bad as you might think (as long as you’re prepared to eat a lot of fruit!). This “logo”, however, makes me wish I hadn’t written that first sentence. I owe myself an apology.


  1. RE: Edible Arrangemets: If I never see another company use that Papyrus font again, I will be a happy, happy woman. The graphic on the left could be cute, if it was not tacked on to the side of the text like a barely tolerated second cousin.

    With that said, this company is a true innovator and their products, particularly their chocolate-covered strawberries are incredible. But shame on their creative team.

  2. Edible Arrangements is one of the fastest growing franchises, with over 800 world wide. You think they'd be able to afford to pay for a logo overhaul for their fruit baskets company.