Friday, March 11, 2011

Tadim and Barcelona Sunflower Seeds

There are aspects of this design that individually irritate me. But it helps that they’re mostly small and secondary to an overall handsome execution that hinges largely on the delicious, textural photo of the seeds.

Here, all the problematic components are large and competing for attention, which muddles the hierarchy. And sadly, the window looking in on the actual seeds is far less appetizing than the photo used on the Pr*tty counterpart.

I’d also like to know why there’s a peanut on a bag of sunflower seeds. And more importantly, why he’s singing “I’m a Little Tea Pot.”


  1. I have to say I like the font that's been used for the 'BARCELONA' logo. Agreed with the peanut dude, but probably is a logo for a nut company, and what nut is as recognisable as a peanut?

    Agreed that it's a bit of a car crash otherwise but I have to admit to liking this kind of thoughtless, naive design!