Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Had this silly idea. Maybe it’s a poster. A t-shirt?

The surface area of each character has been mathematically halved—or as close as I could get—by making one vertical or horizontal slice, while still retaining the characters’ readability.

What do we think?


  1. I think that thinning the "C" and "O", or finding another way to distinguish them, would improve this. All the other forms look fine.

    I guess there are problems distinguishing "n" and "p", and "d" and "u", but those don't bother me as much.

  2. Personally, I really don't like the ones where the stroke width has been affected, I think they're visually jarring, especially because there are so few of them. That uppercase F, for example, seems to be taking the mathematical accuracy to a bit of an extreme, leaving that hairwidth upright there. I think there would be more elegant ways to deal with i, j l, F, I, J, L, T and 1.

  3. And B and G for that matter.

  4. Sorry Whelk, but as much I love type, I might love math more. If I wasn't beholden to the rules I laid out for myself, it wouldn't be much of a concept... just an exercise in beauty. I have no real problem with it being visually jarring. It's not meant to be a font. It's just a pun.

  5. Would love to see this applied to, say, Helvetica Heavy or Black even. Think the results could be somewhat more substantial?