Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sh*tty: Companion Animal Protection Society

I’m not even sure if I need to say anything about this. Do you think the (possibly famous?) blonde lady signed on to be not only a dogface, but a puppy mill dogface? Meanwhile the actual face of the dog is so small on this poster you can barely perceive what it is you’re supposed to be so outraged by... he’s got a bum eye, I guess.

But here is where this design really accelerates to warp-speed sh*ttiness: as a passenger on mass transit, you too can be the face of a puppy mill dog!

Thanks for the chuckle, CAPS. Naturally, I kid. But seriously, this is a great ad...


  1. I'm no design guru, but, yeah, that's terrible. "This is the face of a puppy mill dog -- and there are two faces here, actually, and one is a human, but sometimes ugly humans are called "dogs," so that's not, like, confusing or anything, and the other face, of the actual dog we're talking about, has something wrong with it but it's hard to tell what. Can I interest you in a sad Sarah McLachlan song?"

    But that didn't fit on the poster.

    (Dan H.)

  2. OH my, what a stupid blog. Nothing better to do than cut people down? Shame on you for trying to discredit a National Organization trying to educate the public on puppy mills. Same on you. Go pick on someone who deserves it.

  3. Wow. That has to be my favorite comment ever. So impassioned. So righteous. So wrong. This blog does not cut people down, it cuts bad design down. Nor do I have enough influence to discredit a "National Organization" but thanks for thinking I might. I would submit that their own sh*tty design choices, displayed abundantly across a major metropolitan mass-transit system do more to discredit them. Also, I'd argue this ad does nothing to educate anyone about anything, except to educate my readers about how not to design something. CAPS deserves better than this, and shame on them for not realizing it. Sorry, I mean same on them.

  4. How come you won't post any of the other comments that were made?

    1. You crack me up. Once again, very flattering that you believe my readership is so abundant that I get multiple comments, but alas, it's not what it used to be. And even when it was, comments were few and far between. It's like I said, I don't have any particular influence over anything I comment on here, which I assure you is a persistent thorn in my ego's side.