Friday, October 19, 2012

Playing With Food: Tic Tac and Hillshire Farm

I’m the first to admit that this “Shake it up” campaign is muddled at best. Yes, it calls to mind the familiar rattle of the Tic Tac box, but the cognitive leap from there to shaking people out of a complacent lifestyle via some connection to a brand of breath mints is one even Felix Baumgartner wouldn’t take (topical humor FTW!).

That said, the Tic Tac Type is so fresh and delicious it makes most bus shelter ads reek like a bad case of halitosis. 

I guess the alternative visual analog for an arc of kielbasa is a horseshoe, which I suppose makes one wonder if there’s any horse meat in there, and that’s maybe not a good thing. So sure, go with the magnet idea. Or just go with a good idea instead.

And just to be thorough here, the campaign is “Go Meat!” Not “Veggies Go To Meat!” That’s just vegetable pandering, and it has no place on Hillshire Farm as far I’m concerned.

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  1. Oh i get it, it's not a Horse-Shoe, it's a magnet and it's not firing vegetables out for no apparent reason, it's sucking vegetables in... for no apparent reason.