Thursday, March 10, 2011

Husky and Bobcat

Admittedly, my photos today are not the best quality, so I’m supplementing with images from the web.

It turns out I’m beating Brand New to announcing the rebranding of Husky Tools. No doubt, their exceptional popularity just took a major hit.

Kerning issues aside, the old logo has a certain tough charm that I appreciate, and I planned to only show this one until I found the updated logo on their website. The new one is better kerned, and the simplified, less-cartoony husky icon actually manages to look more husky-like and more tool-like simultaneously. Either way, I remain a dog person.

You know when you’re thumbnailing a logo concept, and you’re struggling with how to stylize your idea in a way that makes it unique, attractive, and communicative. It’s important to keep pushing until you get there.

Or you can stop with the version that has sunglasses, vampire teeth, a grossly dislocated lower jaw, and horns for ears.


  1. Anyone else see the bat in the Bobcat logo?

  2. The third Husky icon is gorgeous and brilliant in its own way... likey.

  3. Yeah, and what's with the fake-looking italicization of one tough animal? Makes me read it with the wrong inflection...