Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peruvian Public Transportation and NYC Tourist Buses

These Peruvian buses have a humble, innocent, smile-inducing charm that is undeniable. There’s something to be said for simple means making for simple, distinctive communication.

Here in New York, our streets are filled with tourist-laden buses such as these, or worse. Big, mobile billboards of tortured and torturous typography, feckless color selections, and hackneyed graphic treatments.

Of course, you might argue that it’s only fitting that they’re responsible for transporting the droves of fannypack- and zubaz-wearing out-of-towners we love to hate so much. But let’s not argue.

A huge gracias to P*S* Reader Caroline Kenworthy for contributing the Peruvian bus images.

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  1. uhhh, yeah. It's because the US can afford lavish designs and vehicle wraps like these, as to where Peru can only afford a paintbrush and paint.
    insensitive, but somewhat true.

  2. Your title is a bit misleading... it's as if you are comparing tour buses in both locations. The photos from Peru are of Peruvian public transportation, not tour buses.

    While I'm happy to see a design "win" for Peru here (being a Peruvian myself)... I do have to say that they have their share of ugly tour buses as well. :)


  3. Point taken Jacquie. I amended the title. And no question, there's ugly sh*t everywhere. But there's also beauty everywhere, including some of the buses you see here in NYC, some of which have been featured here in the past.