Thursday, February 24, 2011

UCC Coffee and Arizona Tea

A dirty pile of snow is, of course, the perfect receptacle for your empty beverage container. Among other things.

I know nothing about coffee, but I suspect no serious coffee drinker would be caught dead drinking this stuff. Which is a shame, because this unassuming, oh-so-not-American design would make a handsome addition to any hand.

Sometimes, when the design of something is particularly awful, it’s hard to know exactly what to say. The most fitting word I can find is “criminal.” I invite Arizona to keep their tea, and John McCain, to themselves.


  1. How has Arizona not redesigned their brand yet? I'm pretty sure they've had this same look since the early 90's, back when everything in the early 90's liked to look like this.

  2. Looking at the pictures makes me think how unattractive a can is in terms of beverage packaging. Its cheap to produce, but it looks cheap too and diminishes the value of its contents. I know some cola companies have made attempts to use alternatives but nothing seems to replace the aluminum cylinder...

  3. Just FYI, when the whole "anti-Mexican law" thing hit a few months ago, the makers of Arizona tea stressed that they are not actually FROM Arizona (they're based in New York). Even though I am no fan of their tea, or their packaging, or the idea of a company pretending to be from somewhere else to sound "outdoorsey," I still feel obligated to point this out!

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  5. Quite frankly, they are both rather horrible.