Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uniqlo and Celebrity Pink Jeans

Stylish and compelling. When you see this, there’s that brief moment - just a nanosecond - when the U and the J read as pure, abstract geometry, then a nanosecond later read as the letterforms they are. I could comfortably live in that first nanosecond for a few weeks at least.

Here’s a reader contribution that I’ve been holding onto for months, just waiting for the right counterpart to appear. It’s a real shame I had to wait so long to show it too, because wow, is it awful. I’ve seen a lot of bad ligatures in my time, but this is among the most stupid ever made. Also, that typeface is criminal.

Any guesses what a Celebritu is? Leave a comment. The most entertaining definition gets a prize.

The sh*tty image was supplied by my pal Domenic Pagaliluan. Thanks D!


  1. Celebritu: a public relations or advertising method designed to make the subject believe that by purchasing goods of a certain type they will attain qualities of celebrity status in terms of exposure, appearance, or attitude.

  2. Celebritu is shorthand for (Celebrate the bris, too?) when you meet someone unexpected at a bris.

    Or you are really happy someone served you filtered water.

  3. Celebritu: The corporate mascot for Celebrity X Cruises, a two-foot tall jarred clone of Britney Spears genetically reconstituted from cast off skin flakes and sweat beads collected backstage at the 2007 MTV Music Awards.

  4. celebritu - n. half of a discarded dance garment once worn by Madonna.

    celebritu - latin expression which literally translates to "you're famous, too?" - made famous in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
    "Celebritu, Brute?"

  5. sweet, i'm so happy 'celebritu' finally found its pr*tty. uniqlo's got it goin' on. thanks josh!

  6. I think josh_kg wins the prize. But is the clone 2 feet tall because it's under-developed, or is it a fully adult version of Britney, just shorter?