Monday, April 26, 2010

Milwaukee and Ryobi

This logo is simply awesome. Like brand-new-bicycle-for-your-twelfth-birthday awesome.

It might be a bit harsh to say this is sh*tty. But I can’t shake the feeling  that this identity doesn’t feel right for power tools. It’s as if I’d open the box and find a hollow, cheap, plastic toy version of a power tool inside instead. Or a calculator watch from 1983.


  1. Ryobi tends to make inexpensive and lower quality tools. From that perspective, the packaging is quite appropriate.

    Milwaukee also happens to make some of the highest quality tools.

  2. Ryobi is owned by Techtronic Industries which manufactures parts and products that are sold under many different brand names.

    They make Ryobi Tools, parts for Craftsman Tools that are sold at Kmart & Sears, vacuums for Hoover and Dirt Devil... and also their other house brand...


    Since Ryobi is made for exclusive sale at Home Depot in the US (and another chain in Australia) this is basically the power tool version of Generic Soda being made by Coke or Pepsi.

  3. Oh my... Yes, I did actually think the Ryobi was packaging for some kind of toy when I first saw it! haha

    Cheap tool or not, you're right, they have an identity issue.

  4. you do open the box and find a hollow, cheap, plastic toy version of a power tool!