Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturation Point: Commuting references

A couple weeks ago I posted a pair of images that used design motifs from the mass transit system. Those images, along with the following 4 (3 of which I took in the last week) have got me thinking enough is enough.

A bit of advice to all you copy writers out there: There’s nothing unique, or clever, or particularly compelling about ads that play off of the commuting experience. So please, find some other themes to work with.

First of all, no. It’s rice. It can’t be in a bigger hurry than me. Secondly, your Photoshop license has been revoked. How much did you charge the poor Minute Rice people for that one-click motion blur bullsh*t?

Saw this on the bus. It might work better when people are standing and have their hands up to hold on, but it’s still lazy writing. And when everyone is sitting (which is often) this ad fails in every possible way.

Saw this outside the window of that same bus (which is why the image quality is so bad, sorry). Thanks for the reminder that my commute is long, assholes.

This is the only one I’m inclined to give a pass to. For one thing, it’s part of a larger campaign that uses the fill-in-the-blanks technique fairly successfully. Also, the writing may make reference to the trains, but it does so in a perfectly legitimate and persuasive way.

That said, I’ve still seen enough.

Don’t make me come by your ad agency office and post ads for the MTA that make reference to your job. How’s this?: The MTA. Don’t worry, we work harder than you do. Or this?: The MTA. Our trains and buses have seats perfect for lazy asses like yours.

You’ve been warned.

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  1. And, just one more annoying thing about the Droid ad...

    Amount of apps? Apps can be counted. Number of apps, people. They aren't ever going to be enough apps to equal, say, the amount of water in the ocean, or the amount of sand on the beach. Jeez.