Monday, January 11, 2010

Yogi and Kashi Cereals

Proof positive that cereal packaging doesn’t have to look like a crazy mess. If I ate cereal that doesn’t turn the milk chocolatey, I might actually consider buying this.

This follows pretty much the same formula as the Pr*tty package, but manages to screw it up with zany typography, gold coins, flying cereal clusters, and a wholly unnecessary exclamation point. That holding shape in the Kashi logo also irritates me... enough asymmetry already, you hippies!


  1. I like that the words "go lean" get thinner. I can see the marketing director standing over the designers back giving instructions. Too bad the word "crunch" isn't in a distorted blocky font...

  2. Gotta say, think the Yogi package is too symetrical and too quiet. I just look at that and I know the cereal is gonna taste like sawdust. "Flake and cluster" sounds gross to me. Sometimes, not enough information is just that.

    Agree with your thoughts on the Kashi package except I kinda like the flying cereal cluster. Makes me think the cereal has big clusters, which is a plus in my book.

  3. Like Patricio, I like the thinning Go Lean type. But I prefer how Yogi presents the nutritional info. The gold coins are weak and feel the most out of place in the overall bland design.

  4. Get it? Go Lean. See how it gets thinner there? Bleh.

    I have a box of the Kashi in my cupboard right now and I cringe when I see it every morning. Way too much going on there.

  5. Did you also notice how on the Kashi ceraal the white background becomes leaner in the middle, like an hourglass?