Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wells Fargo and Innovative Bank

I love a good slab-serif, especially with some tasty ligatures. Don’t try to fix it, ’cause that sh*t ain’t broke.

I know what you’re thinking, this can’t be real, right? Alas, it is. Easily the worst bank logo I’ve ever seen, and that’s from a field that spawned the Capital One identity.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a brain hemorrhage treated.

All credit goes to P*S* reader Aaron Stienstra for these images. Thanks.


  1. The logotype on IB's website is pretty terrible as well. :/

  2. I think George Jetson goes to IB.

    ; )

  3. Google's logo belongs here too..

  4. The IB logo offends me. It's horrible. I like the Wells Fargo logo, but their customer website is awful.

  5. I have a hate on for Wells Fargo because they wouldn't let me refinance my house to cut my payment in half saying I "couldn't afford it" when I was already making the more expensive payment to them for 2 years (But it all ended well - I refinanced with a credit union for a lower rate and better deal). But their logo doesn't suck.

    IB's logo must have been designed by an eLancer for 50 dollars, or the bank president's teenage daughter. "I want more 'swoosh' in the logo!"

  6. Stop teasing the bank logo! Can't you see he's the illigitimate child of the Nike logo?

  7. I would say that mBank
    gives IB a run for it's money in the worst bank logo competition.

  8. I have to disagree a little bit on the Wells Fargo logo. True, the type and the mark are perfect, but the McDonald's colors are really hideous. I felt calm walking into a Wachovia, but I feel out of place walking into a Wells Fargo location...

  9. Dave, I wouldn't say the Wells Fargo colors are Mcdonalds. They're darker than that. I think they're meant more as red and gold... Like the 49ers. Or Ironman.