Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time Warner Cable: Rule Your Kingdom and Mike O'Malley

This is the newest commercial in this campaign, and I think it’s the best so far. The writing is remarkably clever, especially given some of TWC’s other campaigns, such as...

I suppose Mike O’Malley is the quintessential average Joe. But just because he’s the kind of constituent Sarah Palin would hurdle a dead moose to blow, doesn’t qualify him as a cable pitchman. Seriously, in-law jokes?

See more of the Rule Your Kingdom campaign here, and here.
And if you want to ruin your day, watch more O’Malley here, here, and here, for starters.


  1. In law? Does he infer that his wifes best friend is her sister?
    I think they're both pretty funny.
    You should see the shit we have on tv here.

    Also: who laughs at Watchmen?

  3. Ankhwatcher, the in-laws thing was more a comment about the campaign in general. But "wife's best-friend" is equivalent. Careless writing on my part, but not wholly inaccurate. Next he'll be making jokes about airplane peanuts.

    And yes, no one laughs at Watchmen... clearly TWC superimposed the pay-per-view offering du jour onto the tv screen, much to the ad agency's (or at least the writer's) chagrin I'm sure.

  4. what women like is dumb and boring, what men like is sports and..not talking to women, i guess.

    ha ha! misogyny is funny!

  5. They have those awful little pretzels now.

    That would explain why they appear to be watching a movie with the sound down so low you could hear a pin drop.

    laura: identifying the gap between genders is not misogyny on its own.