Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Bay Seasoning and Stop & Shop Bacon Bits

Aside from the unfortunate pluralization of CRAB, the design of this classic, understated package is worthy of some admiration.

It’s maybe a little too easy to pick on Stop & Shop bacon (flavored!) bits, but sometimes even the scrawny weakling needs a good push into the mud.

What ya gonna do about it bacon bits? Huh?

Didn’t think so.

Thanks to P*S* reader Allison Gustavson for the images. Clearly a woman of good taste.


  1. CRABS!....

    I love it. How could two packages be so different, and still be so close to one another on the grocery shelf?

  2. Yes! Maryland represent, with the Old Bay! I literally grew up with Old Bay always around, and I've always loved it's design, from the big bold type, to the simple yellow and blue two tone with the red top, and even the little illustrations of the food. (oh, and in Maryland, as long as you know you're talking about food, CRABS isn't really snickered upon, but people from outside the state always laugh no matter what)