Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Earthjustice and Starlight Children's Foundation

Simple message. Decent type. Cute, smiling kid. And I happen to really appreciate the earth-on-a-pedestal concept behind their identity.

I admit, it’s some cold-hearted sh*t to pick on something like this, but even well-meaning non-profs need a kick in the pants when it comes to their communications.

The design is junk, the headline is poorly conceived (“Send a bear, make a smile” is more to the point), the typeface (Dalliance Roman) is homely, and that logo freaks me the eff out... Why on earth is that poor child’s arm ligatured to the L?!


  1. the latter does seem a bit dated. the top one is fresh!

  2. The bottom layout is horrible. Don't mind the logo though. I get the connection between the child reaching and the name. Also, the logo could be a bit smaller... too many competing elements. The top one is very clean/current. It might also have something to do with the money available for advertising.

  3. The Starlight brochure looks like a VistaPrint template.

  4. The top one kind of looks like a college recruiting poster.

  5. Writer's perspective: NOTHING that positions a person as a "reason" is acceptable creative. There is no hoarier cliche in advertising. in fact, at one point I started a collection of these ads. Anyone that writes a headline like that should be banished to real estate advertising - forever.