Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Electrical plugs

I came across this Breville electric kettle plug yesterday, and wow is it awesome. The common sense at work in this design is sadly not as common as it should be.

These plugs are dead to me now.


  1. Interesting concept for a plug. I really like how practical it is. - Easy to plug in and pull it out.

    Like alot of good ideas that I see nowadays - I never ever see them catch on. I sometimes wonder why? Is it to expensive to re-produce? Or is it that consumers don't really care?

    All "design" oriented sites always seem focus on these new ideas, then they just kind of disappear and fade away and quickly replaced by the next new idea that can make our lives easier.


  2. goes to show what greatness can be achieved when design is considered and supported from start to finish on a product or project.

  3. I work retail part time, and sell Breville appliances. I think that their design is fantastic and always show customers the small things like the nice plug.