Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Waffler: Intersecting O's

This one is a real conundrum. I really see no good reason to intersect O’s. On the other hand, if Bloomies and Bergdorf are doing it, there must be something to it, right? Of course, they’re not exactly in good company when you see the Moonstruck identity. But then again, it’s safe to say Moonstruck is effed up for a boat load of other reasons.

I just don’t know. Pr*tty or Sh*tty?


  1. considering I JUST tried something like that for a logo I'm working on, I have to say pr*tty. mine didn't turn out as well (although not Moonstruck bad) but I think it can be a unique, identifying trait to a wordmark. no, you can't own it, and it can't do the heavy lifting communicating for you.

    plus these are fashion brands. they care not about practicality. it just has to look good.

  2. Soda & Candy25 November, 2009 15:52

    Bloomies - meh.
    Bergdorf - pr*tty
    Moonstruck - sh*tty