Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Split Personality Week: Nerd Force

The typography on the car is a little inconsistent, but I was mostly willing to overlook that given the understated but perfect simplicity of the logo, especially with the name set in Agency like that. I also love the idea of a fleet of these Nerd Force Smart cars... it’s so the right choice.

After seeing the car, I was not expecting to find this. I’m pretty sure the logotype here is done with a squashed version of Arial. Then there’s the fleet of Scions, which is maybe not so bad, but who are these guys? They’re not nerds. I was promised nerds!


  1. Looking at the type on the cars from the website image, I'm going to guess it was added after the photoshoot. Heck, it might also be a stock image which would explain the non-geek talent.

    The logo typeface switch is inexplicable since the web designer clearly had the face. And that drop shadow really made it more legible, yeah?

  2. I dig the logo too, design is simple. The rest is a bit messy. Expect to see more Nerd Force Smart cars in the near future. I work for them in Las Vegas, NV