Monday, October 19, 2009

Split Personality Week: Guy & Gallard

This week is my first theme week (how exciting!). I’m calling it Split Personality Week, because I’ll be featuring businesses that have both good and bad designs in their arsenals. First up: Alleged purveyors of fine imported coffees.

The coffee cup itself is a whatever sort of thing, but the Guy & Gallard logo is sweet and simple. It bespeaks exactly what it offers: quality, slightly premium, but not overly pretentious product.

Their website, however, and their “Cafe” spin-off look stupid kinds of cheap. One has to wonder who’s steering the ship, ’cause it’s leaning hard to port and about to capsize. (Don’t ask me why I got all nautical in this post. I have no idea.)


  1. it appears they must have made an investment in their identity and then went cheap on their web design. which personally I prefer over having your web designer/agency design your logo.

  2. I would agree with that assessment. Websites are often a secondary consideration, so it's not unusual to find they've been done hastily and therefore badly. Or businesses mistake web developers for designers, in the same way they might think a print shop can design their business cards or a sign maker can design their sign. And yes, there are web developers, printers, and sign makers who can design well, but they're few and far between.