Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Split Personality Week: Wednesday Waffler: Time Moving & Storage

Shoddy kerning aside, no one who’s spent any time on this blog should be surprised that I might like this. That simple, bold type is my sort of thing. As is the name, which I think sums up nicely what their true commodity is.

But after visiting their site, I’m so torn. This version of the identity is even better! It makes me second guess liking the version on the truck. And of course, given the simplicity of the design there’s no excuse for not implementing it consistently.

It’s a head scratcher, Pr*tty or Sh*tty?


  1. Sh*tty. Too much like TIME mag logo.

  2. It's actually nothing like the Time magazine logo.

  3. They could be in the process of rebranding, hence the disconnect between their web site and their vehicle graphics.

    The web site is nice. The van art is almost too generic. Just a small change to the font styling could have made the art timeless (not being punny).