Friday, September 14, 2012

Seriously, Stop It

Looking back through my backlog of possible blog-worthy images, I came across these three items from this past Spring. It never fails to amaze me how rampant ads that directly reference the commuting experience are.

Do I really need to point out these trains don’t have dining cars?

Not altogether awful. But still overdone.

I don’t get this one. It’s for hotels. So I’m supposed to get off the train, and go to a hotel, in the town I live/work in, which somehow puts me among the jet set? Your logic may be a little flawed.

In summation: Please, copy writers, can you just stop already with the commuting/subway vernacular ads? How often must I say it? Believe me, I get it; I’m one lazy dude. But there’s plenty of interesting—as opposed to hackneyed—ways to be lazy. Just look at sloths, for example.

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  1. Here is another Intercontinental ad that was up in the bay area. (Not on every corner). The typography feels awkward and the whole thing looks like they spent 5 minutes on it. Not loving the direction of this campaign so far!