Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Desperately seeking coder

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here. I’ve been traveling. But I wanted to to sit down and get at least one post out while I’m away. Sadly, it’s not my usual snarky jab at some design or another. Instead, I want to send out a plea for help.

One of the limiting factors here at P*S* is that I use Blogger. And the reason I use Blogger is that when I started P*S*, I found the templates here easier to change using my meager web coding skills. It’s time to fix that though, and bring this blog over to a more robust and sophisticated platform. The trouble is, I have no idea how to do that. So I need a little help.

Additionally, coupled with the agenda to move P*S* elsewhere, I have another blog idea in the works. I think it could really be something huge. I can’t say what it is, obviously, but it would truly be a very simple format that I anticipate any savvy web developer could easily work up.

And so, this is my plea: that someone out there, who loves this blog, might be willing to lend a hand in moving and remodeling it, and to also help build out my new awesome blog. 

Regrettably I have nothing to offer that person monetarily. Believe me, this blog is entirely a labor of love, and makes me absolutely no money. Indeed, it only costs me time and sleep. But, that said, I do intend to include ads on the new P*S* and the new blog. Hopefully those ads will generate some revenue, and if they do, whoever partners with me would be entitled to a portion of them.

I know this all smacks of spec work, but like I said, P*S* is not an income generator, so in essence, I’ve been doing it on spec for three years now. The biggest payday it’s awarded me is pride of authorship, and a modicum of recognition. So if there’s a kindred design-crit spirit out there, who thinks they might be proud to lend a hand, please drop me a line. And if you’re reading this and think of someone else who might be well-suited to the task, please do pass my plea along.


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