Friday, October 7, 2011

Photoschlock Friday

I’ve decided that the first Friday of every month will now be Photoschlock Friday.

There’s plenty to hate about all these, but let’s just take this time to revel in their flawed Photoshopping.

Nevermind the god awful kerning, take a look at the spacing between these people’s feet and the luggage they’re “standing” on.

I realize finding miniature super model jackhammer operators is difficult. At least as difficult as being expected to buy this illusion.

I might be wrong about this one. Maybe that sheet is actually over their head. If so, they’ve done  themselves no favors by making the color adjustments they have. Are a little girl’s fingers a fair trade for aromatic cartoon flowers? I think not.

Many thanks to P*S* Reader and iPhone user Troy DeRose for the first image.

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1 comment:

  1. "We want free!"
    ....Of this completely horrid picture.

    Dear god these are bad! I mean the last one might have worked if they wouldn't have chopped the girls fingers off, but come on! Looks like something a kid did in high school.