Friday, October 14, 2011

Copywriting: Manhattan Mini Storage and Avia

This headline has nothing to do with storage, and everything to do with branding. Kudos.

I’ll admit that a finely toned ass has its appeal. But I cannot imagine a more tragically unoriginal, lazy, childish headline. And the CLIO goes to Beavis and Butthead! 


  1. Well, the first one definitely is eye catching. The main thing that I would be worried about with this ad is people defacing it because of the statement on it. Though in a strange/ delicious way this would make them even more popular.

    The second one had potential and just completely veered right and lost it. Besides the heading, this pretty much looks like every other shoe ad out there and is incredibly boring. It was like they attempted to do something minimal, completely fucked it up and decided to make it up with a big ugly swish/wave/whatever in the middle of it do add some sort of dynamic to it.

  2. Also, that leg is just plain hideous.....