Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm a Design Observer

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was (not so) recently invited to contribute to the design blog Design Observer, and gladly accepted that invitation.

It took awhile, but I finally found the time to write something to post over there, and it’s published in today’s Observatory section. The piece coincides with the release of the new Pixar movie Cars 2, and offers a slightly tongue-in-cheek critique of the first Cars as a propaganda piece for the neo-Creationist movement known as Intelligent Design.

Please go check it out.


  1. Very creative! Nice work

  2. Haha, great observation Josh. I got a good laugh from it :)

  3. Very funny! It's great to see all the comments at DO thinking you're serious!

  4. Very funny stuff! I enjoyed it, although I had to surpress my urge to kill the troll that wrote it until I figured out it was satire! :)

    Im a little slow on a Tuesday morning!!

  5. People are being trolled hard over at Design Observer... well done! :)

    The link to your blog in the little bio on Design Observer is broken though!