Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brand Newish: Gray Line



Here’s a good example of a perfectly serviceable logo being changed to give it more character and ownability. Step One: Make those corners rounded so it’s “friendlier”. Step Two: Do some crazy sh*t with the typography, and make sure only some of the letters look customized to give it that pointless patchwork effect. Step Three: Add a globe, ’cause hey, we’re global, and that’s unique, right?

At least the new blue is nicer.


  1. Hard pushed to say anything positive about this. The blue IS nicer though. The type is unicase gone pre-school specifically the Y.

    Remove the globe whilst changing the font to something less Dafont and not having it full width; at least 75% shaved off the type width, increase the left and right corner radius then you are onto something more passable.


  2. Everything IJC/GLS said above. The colour and curves are a good start to this change, but the curves do need some smoothing out left and right and the type needs some pulling in away from the edges. Maybe also have the outer lines slightly thicker, so they are more defined.

  3. I can't help but think of almonds when I see the old Gray Line logo:

    In both cases, the updates kind of ruin the strong association between shape/color and product that have been built over many years for me. More so with Blue Diamond. Keep trying.