Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Waffler: Nuthouse Hardware

I don’t get many image submissions via Twitter. And unfortunately cell phones don’t take the best images, so go here to see a slightly clearer version of this hardware store identity.

Image quality aside, I can’t entirely decide if I love this, or find it too clumsy and silly. You have to at least give it points for sticking to the concept of the type design, and for having a pretty great name... a worthy pun!

And what do we think about their rebranding?

Thanks to my pal Nick Chow for the image.

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  1. Design shouldn't be judged in a vacuum. Taking into consideration that they're a family-owned (somewhat) independent hardware business, I sided on the Pr*tty. Kudos to them for recognizing and choosing to use a more than half-way decent mark.

  2. I thought it said outhouse at first. I still think it says outhouse. Why would you want that?