Friday, March 25, 2011

America's Choice and Vintage Seltzers

This bit of litter might be an out-of-towner, because I’ve never seen America’s Choice products in the grocery stores here, and consequently know nothing about them. A Google image search would suggest this is a redesigned package (and logo), and I have to say, it’s a peach. Except maybe for the S and R being slightly larger than their peers... odd.

Meanwhile, our markets seems to be flooded with this Vintage nonsense, which is a perfectly fine product, but a god awful mess of a package design and logo. Those bubbles may tickle the nose, but the bottle singes the eyes.


  1. America's Choice is A&P's private label brand, so unless you're in an A&P/Superfresh/Food Emporium market, you won't see it.

  2. Oy! The last one does not scream Vintage at all to me! If anything the first one is better suited for that title. It uses perfect coloring and layout to achieve the look of a vintage piece while still looking new.

    The second has the feel of a really bad dollar store knock off brand. The whole design of it is sloppy and just really off putting. If I had a choice between only these two on a shelf, I would go for the first one. The packaging even makes it look like it would taste better!

  3. One would think with a name like "vintage", the company might have pursued a vintage feel for their design...Nothing about it says vintage, and I agree with the previous comment that it looks like a very cheap brand that I wouldn't want to drink.