Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby time!

Just thought I’d share the news with everyone. My latest creation arrived today.

Her name is Edith Abigail.

She was born at 11:41 AM, Oct. 25th.

9 lbs. 12.3 oz. and 21.25" long. Yes, she’s huge.


  1. daughter = pr*tty
    birthing center wallpaper = sh*tty

    as always, yay for you

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Wonderful news. Looking forward to the critiques of diaper packaging, baby food and maternity/paternity signage...

  4. I'm always delighted to realize that a bit of time has passed since I've checked in with your blog - it means that I have a bunch of postings to enjoy at once. This one is just WONDERFUL - congratulations! I also echo Colin Maxwell's comment about baby-related design. As a mother of two young children (one still in diapers) attuned to such things, I've noticed that there is truly an abundance of material to be explored at both ends of the spectrum. Enjoy your beautiful daughter and thank you for this site - always a treat to read.