Monday, October 4, 2010

185 and 261 Madison Avenue

Exactly the sort of geomteric, art-deco-ish, Modern typeface I love. The bronze feels dated and the kerning is a bit off, but still classic and classy. And with those slightly bulbous terminals, charming too.

Individually I sort of like these numerals. Each on its own is interesting and, like the pr*tty example, charming. But together in this sign they look wrong. Something about that top-heavy 2, next to that big-butted 6, next to that cold, hard slab of a 1. Combine that with a terrible choice in letterspacing, and an amateur sign installation that left the 6 sitting entirely above the baseline and you’ve got yourself a cartoonish, slack-jawed mess above your door.


  1. You could have left the sh*tty description at 4 words: Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

  2. Aaahhhh... thanks for identifying the font Jon. I really don't like Gill Sans, so it's no surprise that I would have no experience with, or ability to recognize the Ultra Bold weight.

  3. I fully agree with jonsel. I dislike the entire Gill Sans family.