Monday, August 2, 2010

Fold-Pak and Pactiv

If this were the logo for a game show about cardboard boxes, I would be the first in line to spin the giant box cutter. No whammies!

That poor circle is trapped in a spherical cage of emotion.

Well, maybe I’m projecting the emotions myself. I can’t help it. Circle abuse really gets to me. Don’t worry little friend, one day you’ll roll free with the other circles, liberated from the tyranny of bad design.


  1. Poor circle, indeed. What does it have to do with packaging, anyway?

  2. Imagine the stripes as the container and the circle as the contained object. Packaged. Yeah, I know. I worked at Landor when this was done (not by me). I never had much beef with the symbol. I always felt it was the type that was an atrocity committed upon mankind.

  3. Thanks for the insight Jon. I could think of so many better ways to icon-isize the container/contained relationship. And yes, the type is problematic, to be sure.