Friday, July 30, 2010

WTF Week 2: Double lame bros

I’m really not sure what disturbs me more, their breathing or that one guy’s haircut.

No wait, I’ve got it. What disturbs me most is that anyone thought this was worth making and putting on television.


  1. Imagine the pitch meeting for that bit of genius.

  2. here's a better pitch:

    **Guy walking down the street on the phone.**

    Guy: Okay babe, I'll see you in a few minutes.
    Girl: Okay, your roommate's here and he brought Wendy's.

    **Cut to guy about to put keys into his apartment door. He pauses because he hears something. Puts his ear to the door and hears heavy breathing.**

    Girl: hoo! ahh! hoo! ahh! etc. etc.
    Roommate: woooh! oh man! so hot! oooof! etc. etc.

    **Guy bursts in to his apartment full of rage! Girl and Roommate are sitting at the kitchen table eating Wendys Hot Chicken Nuggets. Awkward glances back and forth between Guy, Girl and Roommate. Roommate offers Guy his own cup of Nuggets.


  3. It's sure better than the one in the video.

  4. I think it's the 2nd guy smiling and pawing at himself that makes it super creepy

  5. Guess what, they are probably the target market.
    Young dorky collage students who share a space, don't have girl friends, and only have $5 a day for food and $50 a day for alcohol.

    Lame commercial for lame people. It will sell. Thats the sad part.

    Similar-ish idea from Australia