Monday, July 26, 2010

WTF Week 2: Sh*t canned

Once again, I find myself with a stack of images that need some special, singular attention. These things are just so uniquely bad, their insanity/stupidity/vulgarity has left me unable to find suitable counterparts for them. And since WTF Week seemed to be well received, and summer is the time for sequels, I give you WTF Week 2.

I mentioned these things are really bad, right? In fact, this is so bad I don’t even have the energy to list all of its transgressions. Let’s just say, if you were to throw a dart at this blindfolded, you would safely hit a design element worth scrubbing from your mind. Come to think of it, that blindfold is sounding mighty good right about now.


  1. Sweet Moses on a dirtbike, that's awful. And the creative spelling of "beerz" and "flatscreenz" is just plain annoying. As a female, I realize I'm not part of the target demographic here, but this is like a big, screaming warning sign to avoid the place at all costs.

  2. Good lord! I have just spent several long minutes staring at that thing, trying to figure out just what the hell was going on there.

    And then I read Laura's comment and burst out laughing "Sweet Moses on a dirtbike." Well put, Laura!

  3. HAHAH! the dartboard description is gold.
    i'm actually surprised they didnt put an ass reference in here, considering they blended the {canz = boobs} one in so seamlessly..

    laura is my hero for her comment hahah