Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Honda and Yamaha

That wing mark has well-drawn, clean lines and an engaging, dynamic shape. If you ever needed proof that a logo doesn’t need to be a wholly original idea to be own-able and iconic, this is it.

This trio of tuning forks has the best of intentions. Which is to say, it’s a fine concept, and convenient that a tuning fork looks like the letter Y. But the three of them overlapping inside that circle look jumbled and clumsy. Also, someone took the logo to Gradient Town for a wild night out, and left it passed out on the floor beside the out-of-order Frogger machine.


  1. I can imagine the Yamaha logo being based on a traditional family emblem, lots of Japanese companies do it (see Mitsubishi for example).

    That said, the gradients do look pretty tacky.

  2. All these years, I thought it was a ninja star or a clutch wheel

    Turns out the tuning forks stem from their piano business. Check it out though, their original logo would sell on t-shirts

  3. I prefer the tuning fork logo in one color (definitely NO GRADIENT). And I think it's cool that they sell both pianos and motorcycles.