Friday, June 25, 2010

Scenic Drive Seagull and Barracuda Networks

One of my favorite parts about my trip to San Francisco last month was the Scenic Drive signs. I just want to feed that seagull little cartoon fish until he follows me home.

This is one cartoon fish I would never feed to an adorable cartoon seagull. I wouldn’t even feed this fugly piece of garbage to my worse frenemy. Speaking of which, the position of my worse frenemy is still available. I’ll be taking applications in the form of bullying tweets and vicious comments on my Facebook status.


  1. Like the seagull; love the B in Barracuda - terrifying! - but not the font. Too heavy, and even though the word is spelled correctly, it just looks like there's something wrong.

  2. You should submit the Barracuda logo to the "Penis logo awards" site.

  3. You're the second person to say it looks like a penis, Quilti. Such dirty minds!