Monday, June 14, 2010

Popchips and Munchies

Dropping out the i is a bit much, but the typography and overall look here is unexpected and truly different than everything it’s surrounded by on the shelf. Also, they taste pretty good.

Each of the logos across the top is worthy of its own blog post, but the product logo is my primary target. I get it... they’re called Munchies Cheese Fix: a thinly veiled nod to an audience of hungry potheads. But in that case that typeface should be less ugly and childish, and more wacky and psychedelic. In fact, maybe the shelving unit should have a black light installed just for these.


  1. As a child of the sixties, I have to agree with you about the Doritos. The bag should stop me in my tracks with flashbacks but instead it is simply ugly and annoying.

  2. I've been raving about Pop Chips for months. The great packaging is what drew me to the brand at first and the flavor keeps me coming. I also like the textural nuances of the package - the slightly shiny circle around the dots in the logo are a fun touch. I agree with you on the dropping of the "i" but honestly, it took me a little while to notice the dropped "i" and for it to make my eye twitch - at least half a bag long... :)