Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Pappy

I haven’t indulged much in personal announcements or divulgences here at Pr*tty Sh*tty. Today I’m making an exception, because I thought you guys might like to know that the wife and I are expecting our second child and I finally have a halfway decent sonogram image to share (she’s been quite good at hiding from the ultrasound until now). So yeah, I’m all brimming over with the fatherly pride and joy and whatnot.

That means in late October, if the blog goes quiet for awhile you’ll know my newest Itty Bitty Pretty is here. But don’t worry dear readers, I’ve got my priorities straight. I won’t let parenting duties keep me from my blogging obligation for too long. A day or two at most.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! My hubby and I are also expecting our 2nd, a little girl first of July...
    I love your blog!

  2. What a cute nose! Best wishes to all of you!

  3. awesome! congratulations =D