Friday, May 28, 2010

Table Talk and Drake's

I love that they’ve embraced the retro kitsch of this logo and use it in such a simple, striking way. I can’t help but picture a 70s game show by the same name (of course it would involve pies smashed into the faces of the losers). This even older box is pretty awesome, too.

In case you’re missing the disharmony on the face of this box, there’s about 10 disparate design elements at play here. And yet all I can see with my rage-o-vision is that missing i-dot on the word Fruit, made all the more enraging by the fact that Pies still has its. On a separate note, how did I get into my 30s without knowing a drake is a male duck?


  1. what fantasyland location has a nearly full pallet of peach pies on display for your enjoyment? or are these not regulation size pies?

    the kitchy retro logotype knocked out of checkered tablecloth red is glorious. I wish the supporting type and graphics were also on board.

    and yes, that Drake's box is a sh*t feast for the eyes.

  2. These are not indeed regulation size. Pocket size, to be more exact. Available in every grocery store in NYC.

  3. that doesn't look good...

  4. I want to buy that peach pie. And I hate pie.