Monday, May 24, 2010


(Apologies for the poor quality of the first two images. They were taken in a dark subway tunnel in a hurry.)

I don’t drink coffee because it tastes like awful. So the idea of adding more awful to it makes my taste buds vomit. That said—and despite the absolutely awful package design—the colors and pattern created thru repetition have a pretty nice look, overall.

Sadly, they had to sh*tty it up by throwing some truly uninspired, formulaic print ad into the media buy. For those who aren’t seeing it, the formula is: stock photo + headline that shows keyword used to find stock photo + another photo of product segment that allegedly equates to said keyword = a smack upside your intelligence.


  1. "...headline that shows keyword used to find stock photo..." -lol!

  2. In this case, the product itself is so terrible - let alone the godawful packaging - that I don't think any colors can save it.

  3. I lived with this monstrosity for a month during my daily commute. Painfully bad stock photography is one thing, but some of the images are downright psychotic. There's a dancing guy who looked as if Coffeemate had taken over his central nervous system and was causing a massive seizure. Thank God it's been replaced by mercifully less bad blackberry ads.