Friday, April 30, 2010

105 Fifth Avenue and 53 West 23rd Street

I love it when a building’s address sign really responds to the architecture. Kudos to the designer for convincing the client to do something really dynamic and interesting with these three numbers above the door.

You might notice the door is slightly ajar here. That’s caused by the giant vacuum of suck that is the cheap, plastic numerals right above the entrance. Cross that threshold quickly, or risk getting sucked into oblivion yourself.


  1. I agree the first one is much better, but the kerning on the "0 5" is kind of crappy though.

  2. Ditto, the kerning did jump out (or is it the angle of the shot?), but even though, much, much better...

  3. I can agree about the kerning. Could just be this image that's making it look wrong. But I'm also more forgiving of kerning for signage... you have to remember, this was installed by human hands, so imperfections occur.