Thursday, March 18, 2010

WTF Week: Not rocket science, indeed

Today’s chapter in WTF Week leaves me wondering how many people looked at this before it was approved.

Maybe rocket science doesn’t require a basic understanding of perspective, but last I checked graphic design does. Whoever did this needs to head back to school... I suggest fifth grade art class. (Then we’ll talk Photoshop.)


  1. the tag line doesn't even make sense! so, getting a diploma is easy? is this actually a movie? why is the diploma a rocket if it's NOT rocket science? why is the diploma a rocket at all?! this poster would be 100x better if they had just placed a kid reading a book in place of the diploma rocket thing. THEN they could have said, it's not rocket science... yet! meaning this kid's education could lead him to be a rocket scientist. there should be a lot of design jobs out there based on this blog alone. every instance of a sh*tty design should mean a job opening somewhere because someone got fired.

  2. The stroked text on the title is also a nice touch (that poor N gives it all away!)