Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Waffler: One pink ribbon too many?

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. It’s a breast cancer awareness garbage truck.


  1. The outside looks grosser than what's inside.

  2. I would love to see this truck in a demolition derby!

  3. I am wondering if maybe votes are swayed by if and how someone has been affected by breast cancer? I vote for prtty because it has been such a huge issue in my life and I think that awareness is good in any form. Although before my life was affected, I probably would have gone with shtty.

  4. Soda and Candy10 March, 2010 13:39

    Also, is that APPLE CHANCERY??? Ugh.

  5. I understand (what I hope was) the thinking behind this. Getting the breast cancer awareness (heretofor known as BCA) message in front of a lot of people and, perhaps, in an unexpected way. I'm more supportive of mobile advertising when it's used like this (on a vehicle that would be on the road anyway like the old standby busses) than with those lousy mobile billboards.

    Wrapping a garbage truck doesn't have the same effect as when you wrap a bus. Too many shapes and bumps and rough edges for starters. Then you have the obvious "ew" factor. And the implied "don't let your breasts become cancer riddled garbage..." message.

    I think there is a way you could add breast cancer awareness messaging to a garbage truck. This is not it.

  6. Speaking as a cancer survivor myself, does any other disease get more media hype and marketing than breast cancer? Not to mention all the "pink" products. Seriously, how much more "awareness" is necessary at this point in time?

    If all those marketing/branding/product development resources and money had been given directly to cancer research instead, we'd be a lot further along to finding a cure than we are now. Ergo my vote: sh*tty.