Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colman's and Trader Joe's Mustards

How can you tell it’s mustard? It’s f*cking yellow! Oh right, and it has the word “mustard” on it.

I have somehow been entirely immune to the rampant popularity of Trader Joe’s (seriously, what’s all the hubbub?), and stuff like this isn’t going to help them win me over. This looks like something a housewife makes in her spare time and sells at church fundraisers, which is fine... if you’re a housewife who makes mustard and sells it at church fundraisers.

As a side note to all this, since I’ve been thinking about mustard more than usual, and maybe in reaction to Sarah Palin’s latest crusade, I had an idea. I think from now on I’m going to abbreviate the word mustard to ’tard. Think about it. “Mmm, that’s some tangy ’tard!” Of course that might mean I have to start saying ’chup and ’naise, too.

Also, thanks to my good friend Laura Williams for responding to last week’s RFS with the Trader Joe’s Dijon ’Tard.

And also, a big boatload of best birthday wishes to my big brother Mike!


  1. I love Trader Joe's, the store, but that mustard looks like a faulty science experiment with a hand-printed label by someone just learning calligraphy. Also the bottle looks like it might blow up any second. What an ugly shape.

  2. I bought Grey Poupon exclusively until recently when they seemingly stopped screen printing their jars and went the clear label route instead. So if I'm going to buy something that looks cheap, it might as well actually BE cheap.

  3. Yeah, my dad and his wife are Vegans, and have always bought there groceries at Trader Joes.

    They have always had hideous packaging. Look at any item in there, even toothpase. Hideous.

  4. I agree with Ankh, Trader Joes' packaging does indeed suck--but I love shopping there. Since they don't have sales, coupons, rebates or other discount gimmicks, I think the packaging is some kind of attempt to maintain a naive, more honest and "homey" kind of image. They *want* their stuff to look like faulty science experiments--it's part of their appeal.