Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vitamin Water and MooBella vending machines

I don’t like Vitamin Water, nor do I like their packaging. But the simple device of repetition, along with the candy-like colors, makes this vending machine look pretty great. I could almost feel its magnetic pull on the dollars in my wallet as I walked past.

Last I checked, vending machines were intended for convenience. Yet here’s a machine so unclear in concept they had to add a sign to it to explain what it does and how to make it work. Is this really a way people want to buy ice cream? Also, you might have noticed the graphics are a confusing mess.

As a side note, this is the first post made possible by a response to my Request for Sh*tty (RFS). A big thanks to Adam at Panoply for sending it in.


  1. Love the VW machine! Congrats on the NYT mention, you can now join the "Received a compliment from David Carr" club, i'll send you a members jacket.

  2. I agree, along with the unclear concept who would want to take 15 seconds to electronically order an ice cream and then wait 45 seconds for your order to be made. I would hate to be 5th in a lineup at a Moo Machine, I think I would say this is Sh*tty and walk away.

  3. Ha .. yes, because custom ice cream otherwise appears out of midair. Last time I checked, I have waited longer than a minute when it was my turn to have someone scoop my ice cream. It's a factory in a box ... what don't you get?