Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pita Joe and Pick-a-Pita

Not something I would design, but a fun and quirky identity nonetheless. Their website is pretty good too.

Do you think the Joe character qualifies as suicide food?

I know I’m not supposed to pick on the little guys. But Pita Joe is a little guy and he has his sh*t together. So wtf Pick-a-Pita? I hear your food is good, so stop looking like a restaurant that serves ground-up cigarette butts stuffed into discarded Capri Sun pouches.


  1. ohhh, you're right, that bottom one is simply horrible.

  2. I think you're totally wrong about this.

    If I saw the first one I'd be like "oh, crappy chain." Even if it wasn't a chain. It's basically a mediocre corporate-looking logo.

    If I saw the second one my thought is "local place that can't afford a graphic designer so they got their nephew who can use photoshop to do their sign." I might consider eating there.

    Basically, in a sea of corporate logos, Joe is both anonymous and mediocre. It cannot win against real chains. Pick-a-pita, for better or worse, stands out as individualistic and undesigned. It has the potential to win against corporate branding by not even playing the game

  3. Ben, while I appreciate your perspective, I have to once again take issue with anyone who believes shitty design is a way to create appeal.

    The notion that clean design = "corporate" is really just your opinion, and has more to do with your bias against corporations than any actual fact. Why shouldn't small businesses have a clean, professional look too?

    Beyond that, the notion that Mom & Pop operations are somehow inherently better is fairly naive. There's plenty of shitty Mom & Pop shops in the world. And it's not unfair of me to think that businesses who care not for creating a good image for themselves might also care not for providing a good service or product.

    All that said, I'll explain (as I did in any earlier comment tread) that the Sh*tty example does not have to look like the Pr*tty example to be better. It simply has to employ thoughtfulness, care, and sound design principles to better express their own unique position.

  4. I've been to Pita Joe! Oh wow, that was my first meal on my first day all alone in the city a few months back...nice design, so-so pita. Can't have it all I guess...