Friday, January 29, 2010

Times Square Church and Women's Bible Society

I’m not particularly qualified to know, or interested in, what constitutes a successful expression of religious faith. But I think language plays a huge role. So why shouldn’t typography be a natural extension of that? These aren’t fonts that I would choose, but the overall effect is still quite lovely.

The type treatment here could be worse. It’s that acid trip on the far left that I find to be a clumsy and weak attempt at giving CMYK life to “God’s light.”

Odd that they both use rainbow-ish palettes. Hmmm.


  1. Pr*tty: Although I would not have used the sans serif font for "God is" and the Courier font anywhere ever, this is extremely fine calligraphy, reminiscent of Sheila Waters.

  2. God hates sans serif fonts.

    Just kidding. What i find interesting here is the rainbow approach in both cases. Seems like you have to use the whole box of crayolas to talk about God. Do they think they are appealing to women here?

  3. It's a shame the Pr*tty ad is a less elegant ripoff of last year's spectacular Grammy posters.