Friday, January 29, 2010

Call for help: I need pics from the subway

Hey New Yorkers, I need some assistance. I’d like to collect as many pictures of these “Train of Thought” and “Poetry in Motion” posters as I can.

If you see one and are able to snap a photo and send it, I would be hugely grateful. And it will hopefully lead to a really incredible blog post in the coming weeks.

You can email pics to


  1. Wow - I love it!

  2. I love your blog and the Cautic Cover Critic. I wanted to mention that he posted some really beautiful J. D. Salinger book covers with hand-drawn typography-- since shitty typography seems to generate lots of comments over here, I thought I'd post the link.

    The covers are so beautiful. You rarely see work like this anymore; turning words into real art.

  3. This is almost totally OT, but it's at least about a subway ad. All right, a London Underground ad. From 1992. Cast your mind back...

    OK, it's a picture of a guy and a dog (I want to say Afghan hound) in a bathtub, facing one another, in profile. The dog's just looking at the guy, tongue hanging out as dogs will do. The guy has one arm at his side, the other reaching forward - you can't see enything below chest-level on guy or dog, but I certainly spent a lot of time wondering about where he was aiming his hand, there. It was... IIRC... a Smirnoff ad? Some text about "Love is blah blah blah." And I never. Figured it out. In months of standing across from it.