Tuesday, January 5, 2010

McCann's and Hodgson Mill Oatmeal

A busy layout to be sure, but pitch-perfect retro charm.

The new “dog’s breakfast”: Oatmeal.

And what’s up with this bit of writing: “Hot Cereal and So Much More!” Maybe I’ll use it to fill that pothole in front of my house.


  1. Sadly, neither one of these designs is going to make me like eating oatmeal.

  2. I dunno, first feels like a paint can to me.

  3. ^^ funny...I can see how in this particular photo the pr*tty oatmeal looks sort of like paint cans. You don't see it in the context of its breakfast cereal surroundings and the shelving it's displayed on looks more hardware store than grocery store.

    Hodgson Mill is clearly in desperate need of help. Check out the treatment on their Steel Cut Oats

  4. I'm here because of that Avatar post, but I think I'll stay a while. Maybe learn a thing or 2.

    Have to say that McCann's Oatmeal is by far the absolute best oatmeal I have ever eaten. It takes over 30 minutes to cook up, too. (Even their instant oatmeal is better than the old Amish guy).

    I also think the "retro charm" has been around on this brand since 1850, when they packaged food in things that could slice your fingers off, but kept the bugs and rats out.

  5. Voxwoman, I totally agree with you that McCann's Oatmeal is the best. Have you tried their quick cook oats? They're a great compromise between the traditional and the instant.

    I love their package, except that it is kind of hard to get the oatmeal out. You have to use a scoop to get it into the measuring cup, and always end up spilling some :(

  6. based on aesthetics, I would choose the first. on what I would eat...well I would choose the later just because it does look good :( whoever commented first was right: it looks like paint!

  7. Don't know why your are bashing Hodgson Mill Oatbran. It is one of the best hot cereals around. All of their products are top quality and great package design. Especially some of the newer products they have released here lately. GO HODGSON MILL.... My Family and Friends love you!

  8. Anonymous, I'm not bashing the product, I'm criticizing the package design, which is total effing garbage. If you think it's "great package design" then please, never design packaging.